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There are many aspects that go into a good event, the least of which is just deciding to do one. You need to pick a date, find a location, send out the invites, handle the reservations and smile for your guests.

Here are three steps you can follow to help you with event planning.

Step 1) Find a venue

There are many ways to find an event space that will suit your needs.

  • The phonebook
  • Your friend’s recommendation
  • A place where you’ve attended an event

The most prevalent method today is to search the internet. For example, use keyword terms like:

  • Event Space, Ann Arbor
  • Private Event Space, Ann Arbor
  • Private Dining, 48104
  • Banquet Hall in Ann Arbor
  • Event Venue, Washtenaw County
  • Meeting Room, 48104

Each search will provide a slightly different result. Using the map provided in the search, look for results with a the appropriate location for your event. Seek out those with four and five star reviews. Then click on the link and begin reviewing the business’ website for details about their event venue and private dining space. Once you’ve identified a few locations that meet your needs, it’s time to reach out and begin a dialogue with the event planner.

Step 2) Contact the venue

In some cases the websites will have a form to complete. This form helps the event coordinator prepare for an initial call. In others, you may only have an email or phone number. The event planner will ask you some basic questions, and here is list from which you can plan for that first contact:

  • Event Name
  • Date and time
  • Theme or Type
  • Number in attendance
  • Seated event or reception
  • Plated meal or buffet style
  • Bar - Open or Hosted
  • Audiovisual needs
  • Decorations
  • Budget

Step 3) Meet with the event planner

The most important part of the in person or phone consultation is an opportunity to exchange information.

Plan on meeting with your contact more than once. Although you may have an initial concept of how you want your event to run, the planner may provide additional suggestions throughout the process which could improve the experience for your guests.

Whereas some planners provide the consultation at the venue, others will use a phone call to gather the basic information. If the latter, before making a decision you should always stop by and visually survey the venue. In many cases it can help to see an event set-up in the space, so ask your event coordinator if there is convenient time for you both to see the banquet hall, ballroom or private dining space when it’s just not a room full of air. This added time will help you visualize the space and help with the final floorplan so you’re not suggesting the repositioning the bar or buffet hours before the event.

Remember, you’re the client and you do have the final say, but be respective of the event coordinator’s role as they are behind-the-scenes running the event which allows you to enjoy your guests and the overall atmosphere of the event without worry.

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