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At Mediterrano, your neighborhood locally owned and operated Mediterranean restaurant, we treat you like family.

Embracing a family culture is a value passed down from our owner, John Roumanis.

Employees are family

Families stay together and this is seen in the longevity of some of our servers and staff who have been with us for over 15 years.

Most people don’t think about a restaurant staff as family, much less as enjoying a family culture. But when you put it simply, at Mediterrano we’re just a group of familiar people doing what we do - the best we can do it.

In a blood related family, children are molded by the family culture into which they are raised. As they grow, their assumptions about what is right and wrong, good and bad, reflect the beliefs, values and traditions of that family.

Working day in and day out with the owner, general manager and peer members of the staff, our employees experience Mediterrano’s family behaviors and acquire these behaviors as their own.

Even some of our regular guests have become family over time. As a locally owned and operated restaurant for over 21 years, many people have become regulars. No, not just regular diners but family members - you know, those cousins who visit during the holidays. We don’t get to enjoy their company on a daily basis but when they are here, we laugh, catch up on recent happenings, learn their travel or work plans for the near future and simply enjoy their company as they enjoy a meal of Mediterranean Fusion food.

So whether you’re coming in alone during happy hour, enjoying a ‘date night’ with your significant other or holding an event in our meeting rooms, be comforted to know you’re welcome in our house.

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