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Of the 23 Mediterranean states there are over 30 spices and herbs which seem to be main ingredients in traditional recipes. What are you favorites?

  • Thyme
  • Tarragon
  • Star Anise
  • Cardamom - black and green
  • Clove

But I have love and respect for the others as well.

You mention star anise..

I use Star Anise frequently. Stocks, soups, and mussels pickup the flavor when steeped in the liquid. You can’t eat it but you can infuse it, like a tea. It is a unique flavor not overwhelming but subtle which brings a dynamic which is sensuous with food.

What makes ‘you’ the expert in Mediterranean fusion without having the experience of being overseas? Where did you learn your ‘technique’?

My technique is in bringing the best ideas together to bring the best meal to the table, through

  1. Experience
  2. Background
  3. Reading

My library at home is pushing on over 250 cookbooks, made up of the best in the world. Approximately 40 are Mediterranean. I read, I read, I read. I watch every Chef’s documentary. I can name all the famous chefs in the world. And, most recently, I have specifically studied Mediterranean cooking.

No cooking is that much different than another. It’s about the

  • ingredients
  • culture
  • mindset

Not really so much about technique. It’s a way of utilizing ingredients. For example, I can take my French Asian background, use the Mediterranean ingredients, pay attention to the detail and respect those ingredients, and add a little love while respecting the culture and tradition to provide a Mediterrano guest the authenticity of experience.

Sixth Course

Parting thoughts:

This may sound cheesy, but the chef world is a hard world and loyalty is huge. I have worked in a few different places but I’m glad to be home here at Mediterrano.

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