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What’s the perfect wedding spot? Anywhere you’re near the one you love surrounded by family and friends preparing to send you on a lifelong journey as a couple until death do you part.

Where is that wedding spot?

Anywhere in the world!

  • Whether you choose to get married in your hometown or his,
  • whether you choose an exotic place somewhere around the globe, or
  • whether choose the church, synagogue or temple where you grew up once the ceremony is done it’s time for the wedding reception.

Perhaps this writer is a little jaded but one should remember that the wedding reception is really a thank you to all those who chose to make the wedding couple’s special day memorable.

Yes as the wedding couple you should

  • enjoy yourself,
  • kiss at the clinking of glasses,
  • be embarrassed by toasts and speeches,
  • rekindle old relationships and
  • be pinched on the cheek by your favorite aunt but you should also show a great gratitude for those who travelled, whether crosstown or cross-country, to celebrate your new beginning.

The ceremony is for you; the reception is for them!

How to find the perfect wedding reception location?

In the past, it was a given. If you were a rancher or a farmer it may be held at a barn, if you were devout parishioner the social hall or basement catered by the women’s circle, or if you were of the upper-middle white class then a country may be in order.

Today, the wedding couple may feel the urge to pay homage to a family tradition but they have other options as well and these can easily be found using online websites like WeddingSpot.com.

No matter the location, here are few things to keep in mind when seeking the perfect wedding spot:

  • Is the location available for the date you seek, or are you willing to change your wedding date if this venue is so important to you?
  • Can the location accommodate the reception size I want?
  • Does the location have a kitchen onsite or will they (or I) need to bring in a caterer?
  • Is the venue willing to be flexible with the menu? Will the Chef or Event coordinator help design a customized menu?
  • Is the location a sterile banquet hall or meeting room, or a graciously designed promenade room?
  • Does the location offer full service event planning, or do I need to find my own vendors for things like table decorations, special lighting or other audio /visual needs?
  • Does the venue have convenient parking and accessibility for any handicapped or aging guests?
  • What have others said in reviews or testimonials about this location?

Finally, whether inside or out, whether surrounded by hundreds of guest or your most closest of family, whether rain or shine, and whether tough dried out chicken or stringy pasta this day is yours, and yours forever. Remember:

It’s because of you that I wake up smiling every day.I promise to forever keep you smiling. It’s because of you that I am happy every day.I promise to forever keep you happy. It’s because of you that I know how it feels to be cared for.I promise to forever care for you. It’s because of you that I have learned how to truly, deeply love someone.I promise to forever love you. I promise all these and more, forever and for always. By TeddyGee
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