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Beware Greeks Naming Fish


As a Greek, I know how to count to eight:

1= Ένα = Ena (EN-a)

2= Δύο = Dyo (DEE-o)

3= Τρία = Tria (TREE-a)

4= Τέσσερα = Tessera (TESS-eh-ra)

5= Πέντε = Pente (PEN-day)

6= Έξι = Exi (EX-ee)

7= επτά = Epta (ef-ta)

8= οκτώ = Octo (oc-TOH)

This meant that at an early age, I knew that a fish with eight tentacles was an Octopus.


But now those truths are being edged out by the scientific community. Octopus means “Eight Feet”. We all know that feet are at the end of legs, so therefore the Octopus has eight legs.

NOW, American Scientist tells me that the little guy (okay, some larger than others) have six ARMS and only TWO legs.

Well, whether they’re legs or arms, I’m a sucker for good food whether it maneuvers with 2, 4 or 8, and Octopus prepared correctly can be some of the best.


At Mediterrano, you can put together quite a feast of small plates with a meal including:

  1. GREEK SALAD - romaine . olives . tomatoes . cucumbers . peppers . onions . Feta
  2. OKTAPODI RIGANATO - braised octopus . capers . citrus . greens .
    featuring Metamorphosis Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    (and both of the above are Gluten Free)
  3. SPANAKOPITA - spinach . dill . leeks . French Feta cheese . Phyllo dough

And here are 10 other curious facts about an Octopodi that you may not know from Smithsonian Magazine:

  1. Octopuses are waaay old.
  2. Octopuses have three hearts.
  3. The plural of octopus is octopuses.
  4. Aristotle thought octopuses were dumb.
  5. Octopus arms have a mind of their own.
  6. Octopus ink doesn’t just hide the animal.
  7. Octopuses have blue blood.
  8. Octopuses, to some, are erotic muses.
  9. After mating, it’s game over for octopuses.
  10. Most octopus for human consumption comes from North and West Africa.




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