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John Roumanis was born in Metamorphosis, a small village in the Southern Peloponnese region of Greece. Throughout his childhood and adolescence John experienced the beauty of a simple, agricultural lifestyle. He was raised on a Mediterranean diet, rich with olive oil, fish, and abundant fruits and vegetables. From a young age he learned to appreciate a fresh, nutritious diet that advocated for all things in moderation.

At the age of 18, John Roumanis came to the esteemed university town of Ann Arbor to pursue higher education. Parallel to his studies, he worked in the hospitality business. In this industry he started at the very beginning, working long hours – sometimes 7 days of the week! This training allowed him to learn and gain the skills he would need to eventually run his own restaurant.

Between the ages of 18 and 43 John achieved experience and mastery within the restaurant industry working as a Food and

Beverage Manager for the Hyatt Corporation, later as a partner of a seafood restaurant in California, and afterwards as a managing partner for the Cottage Inn restaurant group.Equipped with a wealth of experiences and with the support and advice of family, friends and mentors formed throughout his professional career, John was prepared to pursue his dream of opening his own restaurant. Finally in 1995, with the opening of Mediterrano restaurant, he accomplished this long-awaited goal. His vision for Mediterrano since the restaurant’s debut has been to communicate his childhood upbringing on a rich Mediterranean diet, while delivering friendly, genuine and helpful service throughout the dining experience.

Since Mediterrano’s opening in 1995, John opened several other businesses within the restaurant industry. In 2003 he opened La Piazza, an extension of Mediterrano, which specializes in hosting private dining, banquets and meetings. In 2006 John opened Carlyle Grill, which offers American and international favorites executed to the highest standard. In addition to restaurants, John launched Roumanis Imports, through which he makes olive oil produced directly in his hometown village of Metamorphosis, Greece available to the greater Ann Arbor community.